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About You and Me

Hi, I'm Anne Gideon. Professional Organizer and Owner of Just Get Organized.

But before I tell you more about myself. I'd like to talk about why you might be here.

For two decades, I've helped people with all kinds of organizing projects. Including...

Anne Gideon
  • Decluttering & Downsizing
  • Organizing their home
  • Organizing their office
  • Depersonalizing and Pre-Staging their home
  • Packing and Unpacking their move


Because I've seen how clutter has had a negative effect on people like you. And how they struggle to deal with it on their own.

And having all that stuff drains your...

  • Time
  • Energy
  • Money
  • Relationships
  • LIFE

There are many ways clutter invades your space. Why you feel the need to buy things. And never let that stuff go.

  • You received inherited belongings and unwanted gifts
  • Powerful marketing persuaded you to buy their stuff
  • You love the thrill of shopping and getting something new
  • You saw your parents keep things
  • You thought having more stuff was the path to happiness

It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have things in your life that you value. Like...

  • Those shoes that are oh so comfortable
  • That TV that makes you feel you're at the game
  • That blender that gives you creamy smoothies

But you've also bought and acquired a lot of clutter. Such as...

  • That exercise bike that's become a clothes hanger
  • That avocado scooper that you always forget to use
  • That guitar you played for a month and gave up on learning
  • Those tennis rackets that you stopped using a few years ago

You have more clutter than stuff you value.

And it overwhelms you every day.

You could accept it. And let it get worse.

Or you could try fixing it on your own. Get some inspiration on Pinterest and Instagram.

Then go to Ikea, buy some nice shelves and bins. Throw all your stuff into them.

Your place will seem nice and tidy. You’ll feel relieved.

But it might be a matter of time until your place becomes cluttered.

You’ll be back where you started. Piles of stuff.

How do I know? Because I’ve seen a consistent pattern.

With all the people I've worked with over the years.

And I also went through it.

I grew up in a crazy house of 10. But the house ran like a machine. And everything had a place.

I learned the value of organization and systems.

  • I was content with one gift at Christmas
  • I learned not to waste anything
  • I learned to use things in creative ways
  • And I didn't throw away much

I didn’t have much stuff growing up. And it was hand-me-downs.

Then I left home. I had the freedom to buy what I wanted. It was nice. Or so I thought.

Because of my childhood, I felt the need to shop. Get stuff. And hang on to it.

And those things piled up.

Stuff I didn't need. Didn't use. Or love.

I was slow to get rid of that stuff. I'd tell myself the same things my parents would say...

"We could use that someday."

"It's such a waste to throw it out."

"I loved it when I first bought it."

"I paid good money for that."

"Someone gave that to me."

"I'm saving it for my kids."

As I told myself those things, it kept getting worse.

My house remained organized. But all that stuff was on the brink of overtaking my life.

Then one day. Enough was enough. I got rid of a lot of stuff. I gained clarity into my life. And a weight lifted off my shoulders.

I knew others would feel the same way.

And that's why I strive to turn your chaos into order.

Because you need more than putting your stuff into bins and shelves.

It also takes getting rid of stuff you don't need, use or love.

And building a system that works for you.

So clutter never invades your home or office again.

Since 2001, I've helped hundreds of people turn their homes and offices from chaos into order.

I'm an active Silver Leaf Member of the Professional Organizers in Canada.

I've also volunteered to organize at a few charities, including...

  • The Charles H. Best Diabetes Centre in Whitby
  • The Ronald McDonald House in Toronto
  • The Red Door Family Shelter in Toronto

What our clients say...

“We can’t believe the difference this process has made psychologically. We both want to re-organize and purge everything! I haven’t had this much energy in a long time - so you’ve obviously done something right! Many thanks for everything you’ve done so far.” Jacqueline R.

“You’re the BEST!!! You have such a knack for making things happen.....and you doing it with such dignity......Thank you.” Nikole B.

“Thank you for your incredible support and help in organizing my home. My husband came home and was speechless. You are extremely reliable, organized and this is truly a wonderful feeling to get rid of clutter and organize.” Inna L.

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