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Growing up in a houseful of 10 we learned the value of organization and systems.  The house ran like a well-oiled machine and everything had a place.

Our house was noisy and chaotic.  Not chaotic with stuff, chaotic with friends and family, laughter, crying, loud talking, playing, dancing. Life seemed simpler then. Granted I was a kid and didn’t have a mortgage, bills or 10 mouths to feed, but simpler because we played outside together, had our meals at the table, chores were done every Saturday and pancake Sundays.

We were content with one gift at Christmas. We were taught not to be wasteful. Having parents whose parents went through the Depression, we were taught to be resourceful, repurpose things and not a lot was thrown away.  "We could use that someday."  My dad split an old kitchen table in half and braced each ½ to the wall so my sister and I could each have a desk. 

We didn’t have much ‘stuff’ growing up and having only received hand-me-downs I felt compelled to shop, acquire and keep stuff as an adult. Lots of stuff, an excess of stuff, stuff I didn’t really need and being creative I made more stuff. 

A few of my clients have had a similar journey, while others may be filling a void of some sort or simply just not knowing where to start and how to make sense of it all.

Having decluttered and organized clients since 2001 it has taught me that excess stuff does not equal happiness.  I have seen firsthand the negative effects of clutter and how it robs us of our time and energy.  It has driven me to go home and get rid of my own stuff I had acquired.

Anne’s business background has provided an excellent foundation for her work as a Professional Organizer and she strongly supports the organizing objectives of her clients.

She is an active Silver Leaf Member of the Professional Organizers in Canada and past Member and Treasurer for the Business Professional Association. Anne remains current in her field by attending workshops and conferences to obtain up-to-date trends and information pertinent to her client’s needs.

She has volunteered her expertise in a few charities including the Charles H. Best Diabetes Centre in Whitby, The Ronald McDonald House and the Red Door Family Shelter in Toronto.

Anne understands and has compassion for her clients’ challenges of overcoming clutter, chaos, achieving order and maintaining it. Her client-focused, non-judgmental attitude and supportive manner provide an environment that encourages effective change.