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Take Packing and Unpacking From Months to Days

Your move is already stressful.

You have so many logistics to handle…

  • Your finances
  • Switching over addresses on your accounts
  • Booking the movers
  • Making travel arrangements
  • And much more…

Never mind all your stuff.

You could have an organized home. Or it's chaos. Or something in between.

Either way, it's a challenge to get all your stuff into boxes. To unpack and set it all up once you get to your new place.

You might think you're prepared to get your stuff ready to move. But consider this...

Do you know how to go through all your stuff? And know what to keep or get rid of?

Do you have the time to do all that packing?

With so many challenges. It may seem like a good idea to shove all your stuff in boxes. And bring it all to your new place.

But you’ll save a lot of time and energy if you get rid of the stuff you don't need, use and love. Before you stage the house. Before you move.

You will have fewer things to bring. Making the packing. The moving. And the unpacking. All easier to do.

You could also be downsizing. Will you know what furniture will work in your new place, and what you could get rid of beforehand?

Movers are great at getting your stuff from the truck to your new home. But you know it doesn't end there.

The unpacking can be as hard as the packing.

You may start unpacking, but…

  • You feel like it’ll take you forever
  • You might not know where to put things
  • You realize you have a bunch of stuff you don’t want
  • You have more stuff than places to put them
  • You don’t know how to store them

And you’ll be tempted to leave random boxes unopened.

You can’t seem to get through the unpacking. It can feel daunting.

You might start feeling defeated.

It seems that moving is more overwhelming than it should be.

But deep down, you know moving shouldn't be such a burden.

What if you had a magic wand that took all your stuff and…

  • packed it into boxes
  • unpacked it all
  • placed them all in a spot that made sense in your new home

What if you could know exactly what things you need to get rid of before you move?

You could do it all on your own. Or you can work with Just Get Organized.

We’ve worked with hundreds of homeowners. To ensure packing and unpacking their stuff was a success.

We may not have a magic wand. But we've developed a simple process. To pack and unpack your stuff for you.

Here are 4 things you can expect when you work with Just Get Organized for your next move

1. That weight you are feeling will lift off your shoulders

If you’ve moved before, you know how stressful it can get.

With many moving parts, doing it all yourself can be a burden.

With Just Get Organized, the packing and unpacking will be done for you.

You will feel relieved with fewer tasks on your plate.

2. You will regain a sense of control

There’s a lot going on when you move.

If you don't have a handle on things, it’ll be easy for your move to spiral.

When you work with Just Get Organized, you’ll get back that control that might slip away.

3. You will be less frustrated

Getting all your stuff ready for the movers. And unpacking it all in your new place.

It can be a great source of stress.

Packing and unpacking is what Just Get Organized does best.

With our process you’ll have fewer frustrations.

4. Your new place won't have any clutter

Your boxes are in your new place.

You’ll want to put stuff wherever. Or leave boxes unopened in a storage room.

Your new place will already be a mess before you ever get comfortable.

Just Get Organized will make unpacking much easier.

We ensure that everything you bring to your new home will have a place.

How? Here’s what we’ll do for you

Before you Move, we will…

  • Declutter and depersonalize your items before your home is staged
  • Determine and advise if items are to be donated, sold or tossed
  • Pack up the belongings that are going with you

On Moving Day, we will…

  • Pack-up your fridge, freezer and any last-minute belongings before the movers arrive
  • Manage the movers as they load and unload your belongings
  • Direct movers in placing furniture and boxes in the right rooms

Once your stuff is in your new home, we will…

  • Unpack your belongings
  • Breakdown the boxes
  • Organize items in your new home
  • Give ideas of where to hang your artwork and mirrors
  • Set up your furniture for the optimal layout
  • Set up your bed linens
  • Suggest organizational products for your new home if needed

Since 2001, Just Get Organized has used this process with hundreds of moving homeowners like you.

What our clients say...

“I love what you’ve done with the place!!"

Tim G.

“Thanks for giving us the ‘kick in the pants’ we needed to get started on organizing the basement. I’m sure we will need your help in the future.”

Patrick and Lena G.

“How can I ever thank you. Mere words cannot even begin to capture how grateful I am for all you did. I owe it ALL to you and your outstanding TEAM for providing me your support (in more ways than you could imagine) to get me through a situation I NEVER thought could be tackled.

As soon as you left, I could manage to do nothing but cry. I was so completely overwhelmed with too many emotions to mention. I only wish you could have seen for yourself the reaction I received from my daughter. She was so amazed with what she saw. She absolutely LOVES her new playroom and was extremely tickled and ‘over the top’ with the results in her bedroom. It was priceless!!! She is continuously thanking me for the ‘new’ house we have. Your services far exceed any expectations I had. You and your TEAM are simply amazing! I hope you realize the impact your services have made. Your hard work will undoubtedly be the beginning of many more positive changes in my life.

I feel so inspired. I am extremely grateful to have had the opportunity to meet and work with someone as compassionate and professional as you. The end result goes far beyond your just having organized my home. My most sincerest thanks to you and your TEAM.”

Barb L.

Just Get Organized is for you if…

  • You want us to handle some of the logistics
  • You want fewer headaches on your upcoming move
  • You want your new place organized from the start
  • You want to have the moving process seamless and simple
  • Time is of the essence


Q: What do you charge for the Initial Consultation?

A: $150

Q: How long is a daily session?

A: 7-hours

Q: What areas do you serve?

A: We serve the Greater Toronto Area and Durham Region

Q: What if I’m outside your service area?

A: Travel fees will apply or a Virtual Session is available for the Initial Consultation

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Moving to a new place is stressful. The last thing you need is dealing with all your things by yourself.

Just Get Organized strives to help homeowners like you ensure their move is less stressful.

You have so much weight on your shoulders already. Packing and unpacking doesn't have to be one of those weights.