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Process & Pricing

We offer 3 ways to work with you. It all depends on what you're looking for.

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Want us to organize your place for you? Click here

Want us to guide you through virtual sessions? Click here

Want to organize your place yourself, but need ideas? Click here

We Do the Organizing For You

Our main service. We come to your home and office and everything gets done for you.

First off, we'll talk on the phone to get an idea of your situation. And how we can best serve you.

On day one, we'll do a one-hour consultation in-person or virtually. The consultation is $150

Here's what you can expect in the on-site consultation. We'll...

  • See how the rooms are working (or not)
  • Look at how your furniture lays out
  • Assess closets, cupboards and file cabinets
  • Take any necessary measurements
  • Decide if you need organizing products (shelves, bins, all that yada yada)
  • Formulate a plan on how to best tackle the space

We can either come to your place, or we can do a virtual session.

Once the consultation is complete, we'll get to work on day two.

On-site sessions are 7 hours. And the pricing is as follows...

Team of 1 ~ $791.00 per day

Team of 2 ~ $1305.15 per day

Team of 3 ~ $1819.30 per day


We Guide You Through Virtual Sessions

If you...

  • Live outside the Greater Toronto Area
  • Would like to do physical distancing
  • Want to do the work yourself, but would like step-by-step guidance

Then Virtual Coaching is for you.

After we've talked on the phone, we'll start with a 3 hour virtual session.

With a virtual session, we'll address one room at a time.

The 3 hour process for each room is as follows...

The first 30 minutes will help us get an idea of the situation in that room. And we'll also...

  • Learn what your goals are
  • Do a video walk-through of the one space you would like to get organized
  • Determine what you can accomplish in that session
  • Recommend any organizing products if needed
  • Discuss anything you’ll need prior to your session

And the next 2.5 hours will be us coaching you to get that room from chaos to order. You'll get...

  • Direction on how & where to start in the space
  • Tips on how to tackle the space
  • Guidance on items to keep, donate, or toss
  • Recommendations for where to place your furniture
  • Suggestions for organizing products
  • Techniques on how to keep your space organized
  • Tasks assigned to help you continue your project on your own

Should that room take longer than 2.5 hours, we'll do additional sessions of 2.5 hours each.

The first 3-hour session is $339.00

Each additional 2.5 hour session is $282.50 each


We Give You Ideas & You Do the Organizing

If you're eager to take on your home and office on your own, and want ideas on how to make it work.

Then the DIY Idea Session will be your best option.

We'll go through your space. And give you ideas and recommendations. We'll recommend you take notes along the way.

You'll get everything you need to make your organizing project a success.

The Idea Session can be virtual or on-site, depending on your preference.

Sessions range from 1 to 4 hours. And is $150 per hour