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"Everything seems to maintain itself"

If your home was organized, what would it look like?

Do you see…

  • Toys everywhere you look?
  • Piles of paper in every corner?
  • Empty delivery boxes scattered around?
  • A garage you can’t walk through?
  • Random stuff shoved in closets?
  • Clothes all over your house?
  • A basement you dread going down to?

Of course not. But over the years, your home became that way.

You've had a hard time getting rid of stuff. That has piled in your home for years.

And you've tried to organize your home before. Either by yourself. With some friends. Or your spouse.

It seems that no matter what you try, it still doesn’t feel right. Leaving you stressed, defeated and ready to give up.

But there should be a better way to organize your home to what you desire.

What if you had an effortless system? A system that makes it easy to ensure…

  • every item in your house has a place
  • your furniture layout creates a nice flow
  • you can walk through your place without tripping on things
  • kids know where to put their toys
  • you have designated spots for various kinds of garbage
  • you can find your important documents when you need them

Something you can maintain for a long time.

And that’s why Just Get Organized comes in and helps homeowners like you.

We give you the living space you’ve always desired.

How? Here’s what you can expect...

In our first phone conversation, we’ll talk about your current situation and what you want out of your home.

On the first visit, Anne will come and assess your home.

She'll get a clear idea of your needs. And what works best for your home.

We’ll arrange our first session. Then we get to work.

We offer both virtual and in-person sessions.

Here are 6 steps we take to organize your home. We will...

  1. Sort your belongings
  2. Have you decide what to keep and what to get rid of, with our guidance
  3. Give you an ideal layout of your furniture
  4. Assign a home for the belongings you keep
  5. Give you suggestions on ideal organizing products for each space
  6. Create a personalized system that works for you

There’ll be a lot of stuff you’ll want to get rid of. We can discuss options to distribute your unwanted stuff.

There are many ways organizing your home can change your life.

For starters, here are 6 ways...

1. You’ll feel the weight lifted off your shoulders

Your house in its current state brings you a lot of stress.

Tidying it up makes you feel good for a few days.

But we go beyond tidying it up. We give you a system that works for you.

You’ll feel the weight lift off your shoulders. And you’ll never feel it again.

2. You’ll gain peace of mind

When you get your place organized right, you will gain a calm feeling.

Because you know you’ll have an organized home forever.

3. You’ll regain a sense of control

You’ll no longer feel the need to buy things to fill a void.

You’ll feel in control of your home and your life. Your things will no longer control you.

4. You’ll have a place for everything

You have things with no area to put them.

And when you're in a rush, you struggle to find things.

Some of your things might have a dedicated spot. But other things don't have a place.

Either way, when we go through your place, everything will have a spot.

You’ll know where all your things are.

5. You’ll be proud of your home

Every time people visit, you open yourself to their judgment.

You might feel embarrassed with the state of your home.

But they don't understand your situation. How your place got to where it is now.

With our process, you'll be more comfortable having people over.

6. You’ll prevent future clutter from invading your space

We've already dealt with stuff you have now.

But what happens when you get new things? Will you have a place for them?

We will make sure your system can handle new purchases.

Not only that, you will learn to buy things you need, use, or love. And nothing more.

It might seem that you just need to tidy up your home. That all you have to do is shove everything into boxes.

If it were that easy, how come you haven’t done that yet?

Because you know too well that tidying and putting stuff in boxes isn't enough.

Just Get Organized goes further than that. We go through your stuff and see what you want to keep. And get rid of.

We do more than recommend new shelves and bins. You’ll get a system that meets your needs. We take care of every detail in your home.

Just Get Organized works hard to give you a living space that you crave. But there're challenges that you'll face.

Letting go of things that used to excite you will be hard. You may try to rationalize keeping things you know should go.

You’ll tell yourself the same things you’ve been telling yourself for years.

  • "I could use that lamp someday"
  • "But someone gave that cookbook as a gift"
  • "I paid good money for those shoes"

But letting go of things that don't serve you will ensure your home is easy to maintain.

When you get rid of things you don’t Need. Use. or Love. You lift an immense weight off your shoulders.

The other option is shoving everything into a closet.

It’ll only be a matter of time. Before all those things come back out when you're looking for something.

But in our experience working with hundreds of homeowners, most find the power to let things go.

It's a magical feeling for them. And it's possible for you too.

Since 2001, Just Get Organized has worked in countless homes. From one room to entire houses, homeowners and their families had their living spaces transformed.

What our clients say...

“Please pass along a big THANK YOU to your team, for all the hard work they did today – you made more progress today than I’ve been able to do in 20 years!

You did an outstanding job!! Leaving everything in your capable hands has been a blessing!!!!”

Barb H.

“I finally decided that enough was enough and that I needed some help to get myself organized. I hired Just Get Organized and every week for a couple of months my home was professionally and methodically organized room by room.

Each week I was given a bit of homework to move things along more quickly. I am very happy with the results. I now live in a home where everything has a place and I know where that place is. Cleaning is also much less time consuming. All my papers are filed away in an easy system.

Everything seems to maintain itself. Simple storage solutions were set up and we re-used as much of my own things as possible.

I highly recommend Just Get Organized, not only was the job done great but was 100% reliable. Every dollar I spent was more than worth it.

Judy P.

“We just wanted to let you know how happy we are with you and your team. The difference of our home is amazing!

We can’t believe this is the same house we were living in just three days ago! It is worth every penny.”

Allan and Elana C.

Just Get Organized is for you…

  • If you're overwhelmed with your home
  • If you don't know how or where to start
  • If you're tired of having your home in disarray
  • If you've tried to get your house in order before with little success
  • If you want to teach your kids the value of organization


Q: What do you charge for the Initial Consultation?

A: $150

Q: How long is a daily session?

A: 7-hours

Q: What areas do you serve?

A: We serve the Greater Toronto Area and Durham Region

Q: What if I’m outside your service area?

A: Travel fees will apply or a Virtual Session is available for the Initial Consultation

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You could wait until you have a better time to have the home you always wanted.

But things will continue to add up. You will continue to buy things you don't need. Don't love. Things you’ll use once.

And then you will have an even more disorganized home to deal with.

Many homeowners have demanded the best for themselves.

They turned to Just Get Organized to organize their home. So can you.

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