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Does your place need tender loving care?

Have you worked with us in the past?

If so, and your beautiful place has been a tad disorganized lately.

And you don't have time to keep it organized.

Then you should consider a maintenance session with Just Get Organized.

In a few hours, your home and office will return to their functional, organized place.

Here is what you can expect with our Maintenance Service

You'll have the adjustments made to get your place back in order.

And receive further guidance on how to maintain your space.

We also offer Seasonal Services

If you’ve had a lot of stuff at some point, then seasonal decorations were one of them.

Including Christmas, Halloween, Easter, and more.

And we'll help you manage your decorations.

How? We’ll help you by…

  • Going through all your decorations, where you'll decide what to keep and get rid of
  • Decorating your house with the decorations you keep
  • Or when that holiday is over, packing up all your stuff and storing them in the ideal spot

If you’re interested in getting your place back in order. Or you’re interested in dealing with all your holiday stuff.

Then call us at 905-509-4300, or click the Contact Us button below.

Our sessions are a minimum of 3 hours and start at $300 for 1 Lead Organizer.

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