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Why Us?

What makes you different from other organizers?

We consider your behaviour patterns and activity within your space and customize solutions that work for you and your family. The solutions that we implement are ergonomical that make sense to each family member. We have a formula to organize any space.

Why do I need a Professional Organizer? Can’t I do this myself?

You can, but for most people, it's not an easy process.  You may feel overwhelmed and stressed, not knowing where to start or what to do with all your stuff. You buy the storage units, the magazines and books on organizing.  After years of trying to declutter and organize your home and office, everything is still chaotic and you feel more overwhelmed, stressed and frustrated than before.

What are the advantages of hiring a Professional Organizer?

To tackle all that by yourself is emotionally draining and exhausting.

A Professional Organizer can provide long lasting creative organizing and storage solutions. We’ve seen what works and what does not work. We’ll transform your space to give you more room, more freedom of movement, more clarity to think, dream and achieve.

Is our work together confidential?

Yes, absolutely!  The private nature of your business and personal life is kept confidential and is respected at all times.

We abide by the Professional Organizers in Canada Code of Ethics. We will respect the confidential nature of our client’s information and will use proprietary client information only with the client’s permission.

We provide a confidentiality agreement if requested.

Are you insured?

Yes, we carry Business Insurance.


How Does Your Service Work?

I'm interested, now what do I do?

Call to book an Initial Consultation  905-509-4300  OR

Fill out & submit the form on our Contact Us Page  

Please see our page detailing The Just Get Organized Approach where we break it all down step by step.

What happens during your Initial Consultation?

Prior to our visit there is no need to tidy before the Initial Consultation to make a true evaluation. 

We do a walk through of your entire space and we will take before pictures. You will have an opportunity to take notes and jot down ideas.

We assess:

What your goals are for the project

How each room is currently functioning and how you envision each room

How closets, drawers & file cabinets are currently being utilized

What is working and what is not working within each room

How furniture is currently placed

Your storage & organizational needs

We will also:      

Discuss a few ideas & recommendations

Determine if organizing supplies are needed or if we can repurpose what you currently own

Determine approximate timelines of how long the process will take and how many associates

See the volume of clutter, space and storage challenges

Take into consideration any physical or psychological challenges

Provide an estimate

Why do you charge for a consultation?

The Initial Consultation is an integral part of the organizing process.

We will meet with you on-site or virtually to assess your space.

Visually seeing your space allows us to make a proper evaluation of what is required to achieve your goals.  Our ideas begin to formulate during and well after the assessment.

It gives us the opportunity to gather additional information for your specific project and needs and your readiness to move forward.

This session will take approximately 1-hour.

For more details visit our On-Site Consultation page for more information


What Happens When We Get Started?

What does an organizing session look like?

Each organizing session is 7-hours (includes 1/2 hour break)

At the start of the session, we bring in our supplies and set up in the space we will be starting in.

It is important that you are on-site during the session to actively take part in the decision making process.  We will continue with the process should you need to step out or tend to other matters within the home.                              

Please note, the area we work in may get worse before it becomes better and the process may feel overwhelming at times. 

We will support you through the entire process by making it manageable and even enjoyable.

How long will it take to get organized?

Every client is unique and every project is different.  It varies depending on the client’s readiness, decision making style and on the size of the space and the volume of clutter. An estimate regarding how long your project will take will be provided to you after the Initial Consultation.

Why are additional assistants needed?

The project moves more quickly and smoothly the more hands on the job.

The job can be very labor intensive.  We are rearranging furniture that we are physically able to, boxing up items for donations, sorting/bagging garbage, recycling, electronic waste and hazardous waste.

Can my children and pets be there?

It is ideal to schedule a time when you will not be interrupted.

We recommend having other arrangements offsite for your children and pets during the process.

We will absolutely accommodate if other arrangements cannot be made, however, it may prolong the process.

Do I have to throw things away?

No!  But we will certainly organize it.   Once sorted you will see the volume and you will be more comfortable to let go of those things you no longer want or need.

It is challenging for clients to get rid of things on their own because of fear of change or sentimental attachment.

But to encourage effective change the decluttering process will alleviate the weight you have been feeling.

We offer you an objective opinion on what to keep and what to throw out based on your current goals and what you would like in your life moving forward.

You will always have the final decision on what to keep.

Will you help me donate things I choose to give away?

We can make arrangements for a free charity to pick up your donations.  Pick up will depend on the next time they are in your area.

For an additional charge we are able to take a minimal amount of donations per session per vehicle. 

We do not take garbage, recycling, hazardous waste or e-waste.

If you would like the items removed sooner, we can make arrangements for a junk removal company to pick up any charitable donations, garbage, recycling, electronic waste and hazardous waste.  The client will be provided with an estimate and will be responsible for the fees that apply.

Can you work around other trades, ie. painters, contractors, plumbers, cable, etc?

Yes, we can.  We may need to factor in a bit more time depending if the areas we are working in are in close proximity. 

Taking before and after pictures?

Before and After pictures will be taken for internal purposes, unless you specifically request not to. 

The photos will show you the progress and give you the satisfaction of seeing the final transformation contrasted with where you started.

We will ask your permission before using any pictures for marketing purposes. Photos will inspire and encourage others that they are not alone.

Your privacy is of our utmost concern and your name and/or address will not be attached to any photos

How do you help me to keep things organized after you leave?

We implement systems that are easy to follow.  We teach you during the process and give you tips on how to keep it maintained.

Should you need more continued support, we provide a Maintenance program to keep your space running smoothly.  We work with your schedule and Maintenance sessions can be set up weekly or monthly.  Minimum 3-hour per session required.

For more information, visit our Maintenance program page.


Fees and Payments?

How do I pay for your services?

Currently, we accept Cash and Etransfer 

What areas do you serve? Do you charge a fee for travel time? Parking fees?

We serve the GTA & Durham Region

Our company is based in Pickering and we service a 45km radius one way

Travel Fees will be charged for service in areas outside of the 45km+ limit.

Parking fees for each vehicle on-site per session will be added to the invoice.

What are some other charges that might be incurred during an Organizing project?

Shopping and Sourcing for products for your specific project are billed to you on a per hour basis.

The actual purchase price of the products that were purchased on your behalf for your specific project, such as storage bins, labels, office supplies, etc.  

Fees for the disposal of charitable donations, garbage, recycling, hazardous waste and electronic waste are charged separately and are paid directly to the service provider.

When we anticipate any additional charges, we will communicate that to you and proceed only with your authorization. 

Sales Tax as and when appropriate.

What happens if it takes longer than you originally expected?

Many factors are taken into consideration when we provide an estimate however, there are times where projects require more time than expected.

Your project may take longer than estimated due to several factors which may include:  you may need more time than expected to make decisions; other trades people in the home; not being able to properly assess a room due to volume; new discoveries in newly freed up spaces, closed boxes and bins; building issues and access to elevators.  

At times we are finished earlier than estimated and when that happens, we bill only for the time used. 

Should we see signs that your project could go longer than anticipated, we will discuss the situation with you. We will update your cost estimate to complete your project and will proceed with your authorization. 

Rest assured, we will make ourselves available to continue on your project until it is completed to your satisfaction.

Do you have a cancellation policy?

48-hours advance notice is required for rescheduling and cancellations. 

Rescheduling or cancellation of a scheduled appointment with less than 48-hours notice will be billed at 50% of the session fee. 

The time has been set aside especially for you.  We respect and value your time as well as ours.