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Organize My Office

Paper has a way of accumulating over time which makes being productive twice as challenging as it needs to be, but it doesn't have to stay that way. 

Have your workspace decluttered, organized and made functional again. 

With our 6 Step Process, we will:

  1. Declutter the space
  2. Optimize your office furniture layout
  3. Organize your office supplies
  4. Sort through and declutter paper with you
  5. Create file systems for current papers and past tax documents
  6. Teach paper flow management of your new file systems

    Whether you work from home or on location, your office is where you spend a big chunk of your life. It's essential to your success to have a space that is decluttered, organized and functional so you can be at your very best. Imagine knowing exactly what to do with each piece of paper?

    What you do, how you like to work within your space, where you need things to be are all taken into consideration so that what we do for you is unique to your particular situation resulting in long-lasting solutions.


    We work in 7-Hour Sessions and our rates start at $525 for 1 Lead Organizer. 

    Send us an email or give us a call and before we book your consultation we can go over what you'd like done. We will gladly provide you with more rate information during that conversation however, we will need an on-site consultation to provide you with a detailed estimate based on your specific needs and situation. 

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