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“You did an excellent job organizing our home office! It is now a pleasure to work in"

You're sitting in your office. You see:

  • No clear work surfaces
  • Piles of paper everywhere
  • A Jenga tower of books
  • Office supplies everywhere
  • Tons of old electronics and chargers collecting dust

And wonder how you could turn all that chaos into order.

You tried. At some point, you gave yourself a few hours on a lighter day to go through your stuff.

And it seemed to work. You stacked your papers straight. Pens in a cup. Cleared your desk.

You walk into your office the next day. You feel good about how it looks. You have the most productive day that you've had in months.

You even keep it that way for a few days. But over time, something changes.

Things get out of place. Papers scattered again. More things crept in somehow. And piled up.

You're back where you started.

Going through your stuff again is awful. You don't get things done. You waste time finding that tax form you swore was right beside your printer.

It seems like your disorganized office will stay that way. And that any effort to improve your office will go to waste.

But deep down, you know there’s got to be a better way.

If you could snap your fingers and make your office go

From this…

office before

to this…

office after

Would your office stress you out every morning?

How would your work improve?

Would you still be procrastinating on work?

That is why Just Get Organized comes in. And organizes workspaces like yours.

How? Here’s what you can expect...

In our first phone conversation, we’ll talk about your current situation and what you want out of your workspace.

On the first visit, Anne will come see your office.

She'll get a clear idea of your needs. And what will work best for your workspace.

We’ll arrange our first session. Then we get to work. And we’ll go through your office.

We offer both virtual and in-person sessions.

Here are 6 steps we take to organize your office. We will...

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  1. Sort and declutter your workspace
  2. Assess the layout of your office furniture
  3. Organize your office supplies
  4. Sort out your papers for you to go through. And advise you on what to keep or get rid of
  5. Create file systems for all your papers and current tax receipts
  6. Teach you how to manage incoming paper

And should you need it, we can help you keep your organized workspace maintained.

Your work will improve when your workspace gets organized. Here are 4 quick ways…


1. You will focus better

With no clutter around, finding things is simple.

Meaning fewer distractions. You’ll remain focused on the work that you value so much.

2. You will get things done

You’ll finally have a clear space. And be able to manage your time.

You’ll set clear goals and conquer whatever the day throws at you.

3. You will attain peace of mind

And not the stress you once felt when you confronted your office before.

Especially when tax time rolls around.

4. You will maintain your office

We could throw everything out, and you'd have no clutter.

But how does that keep your office organized after we're done?

Building a system to work around will be the key to maintaining your office for the long run.

You’ll stop future clutter from invading your space.

You might think tidying the office up is enough. But you need more than that.

And Just Get Organized goes beyond tidying up.

Your workspace will get organized to a way that works for you.

You’ll have a system that’ll suit your needs and your work.

Organizing your office will be an effective way to boost your productivity.

Since 2001, Just Get Organized has worked with hundreds of business owners, entrepreneurs, and homeowners just like you.

Small and big, they had their working spaces transformed.

What our clients say...

“You did an excellent job organizing our home office! It is now a pleasure to work in and has inspired me to tackle other areas of my home!

You are honest, trustworthy, and are especially fast and efficient.”

Janice B.

“The apartment looks great. I am especially happy with the office, dining room area, and kitchen as well as the entertainment unit in the living room.

Thanks so much. I am very happy with the results and with all your hard work.”

Lisa F.

"Anne the owner is absolutely incredible! Her attention to detail, ideation takes a room to a level that's beyond mastery.

I highly recommend her for any job. No task is too big. Look at my page Facility Fitness and look at the Champions room she single handily transformed from chaos to magical.

Her active listening and personality make it easy to do business with her.”

Paul S.

Just Get Organized is for you if...

  • You feel overwhelmed and don't know where to start
  • You're eager for a workspace that fits your needs
  • You don't want to spend all day finding documents
  • You want to cut out distractions from your office
  • You want an office you can maintain for a long time


Q: What do you charge for the Initial Consultation?

A: $150

Q: How long is a daily session?

A: 7-hours

Q: What areas do you serve?

A: We serve the Greater Toronto Area and Durham Region

Q: What if I’m outside your service area?

A: Travel fees will apply or a Virtual Session is available for the Initial Consultation

To get started, Call us at 905-509-4300 or Click CONTACT US BELOW

Anne will guide you through everything you need to know.

You could wait for a better time. You could attempt to organize your office all on your own.

But how will it stay that way?

While you decide, homeowners, entrepreneurs & small business owners are turning to Just Get Organized. And are spending more time on what they do best.

You deserve to have a workspace that serves your needs.