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On-Site Consultation

We'll meet in person by appointment to walk through your space to assess the following:

  • how the rooms are functioning
  • what is working for you and what is not
  • current furniture placement
  • assess closets, cupboards and file cabinets
  • determine if any organizing products are needed for the first session

We will then develop a strategic plan and book the team.

Initial Investment: $125 Includes hst

If you need some time to prepare before engaging us, we will apply a $25 credit towards any project, to be used within 3-months of our consultation.

Once your deposit is received, we will coordinate your project details and book the team.


THE JUST GET ORGANIZED APPROACH - Here's how we help you to achieve your goals and restore order, comfort and joy in your home or office.

1. Phone Assessment
It starts with you and I having a conversation by phone. I learn about your situation and we assess how I may be of service.

2. The Consultation
On this first visit in your space, we clarify your needs and goals and assess what's working for you and what is not.

3. Service Confirmation
After the evaluation, you will be sent a written estimate, an invoice to secure your dates and a complete package of information to prepare you.

4. On-Site Sessions
We will come to your home or office (physically or virtually) and declutter, organize, create systems and restore functionality.

5. Unwanted Items
We understand that letting go can be hard. We guide and encourage you through this process. We find new homes for your unwanted objects and arrange for proper disposal. Fees may apply.

6. Follow Up + Maintain
We follow up to answer any questions and we provide a service to help you maintain your new systems and spaces.

To get started, contact us by phone at 905 509-4300, email to or use our Contact Us form.